Saturday, October 16, 2010

Today's *Hop* Story: If the Fetching Tag fits - Wear It

Thank you Fetching Tags for creating such pawsome ID tags.
I LOVE mine - it fits me pawfectly!
Don't y'all agree?


  1. Oh, Bella looks simply fetching in her Fetching Tag! She is a REAL beauty queen!

  2. Oh, Bella is so proud of her new tag. Just look at that pose!

    OK, so I got on; hope it comes through!

  3. Now, to figure out how to post a photo of me! Tried but it did not go through!:(

  4. CINDERBELLA'S TAG is quite befitting--and notice it doesn't say B E A S T!

  5. And If you cannot read the comment--perhaps the forewarned affliction has already taken place? LOL-LOL

  6. Thanks for the comments ladies, I love my tag! Mom almost got me the *Super Model* one too! Haha.

    Auntie Patty, I LOVE your witch hat in your last comment. Is that for Halloween?! xoxo

  7. love bug...the hat belongs to your GEORGIA pseudo mother and your auntie Pam! You know her--she owns the handsome boy who holds your heart---and vice versa! xoxoxoxoxoxo
    Anyway--the hat is befitting to their actions..because like you--I wear angel wings! <3 ..<3

  8. Ok Bella Beauty Queen---you are the best, although becoming a little too conceited, or should we say you have a good sense of self??????hugs abd kisses....grammaline

  9. You're a natural, Bella. Simply a natural.
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