Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Breaking News: 12 Step Program For Bella?

Hello, My name is Bella and I am a shoeaholic.

But not just any kind of shoes, only my mom's shoes.
Clogs, flipflops, sneakers... it doesn't matter to me, as long as they have been worn by my fabulously footed mother.

So, you are probably wondering what I do with the shoes.

Sometimes I nibble them.

Sometimes I play with them.

And, sometimes I nap with them.

My mom isn't the biggest fan of my footwear habit, but she cant stay mad at me for very long, in fact I catch her smiling immediately after she scolds me and sometimes during.

With a face like this, who could stay mad?!


  1. Angela's Foster DogsNovember 12, 2009 at 12:00 AM

    Bella, Josef Seibel clogs taste very good. The high quality leather is superb for chewing. Bjorns and Merrells run a close second and third, but if you want the biggest reaction from your mommy, look for some Seibels. Hope this helps! Love, the Foster Dogs (p.s. Don't let your mommy see this comment!)

  2. OMG Bella...It's time to grow are for wearing not for playing...I realize you would have balance issues and would require 2 pairs of shoes but I do love the red ones 2nd from the right top and hugs grammaline

  3. Hello Bella, you are not alone. My puppy Victoria likes to carry around my shoes, she hasn't tasted them just yet, but she is really into playing with them, and hiding them from me!! :)

  4. Oh Erin, I sure wish I had the willpower of your Victoria! xoxoxo

  5. To: Angela's Foster Pups

    I think my mom has a pair of Bjorns in the closet. I must investigate quickly when she opens the door. I am partial to her Keen's at the moment, but am going to encourage mom to get a pair of the Seibel's you speak of! (Shhh, it will be our secret!)
    Thanks for the tips!