Tuesday, November 3, 2009

In Today's News: Bella says "Just Call Me Florence!"

That's right - just call me Florence, as in Nightingale!

My mom was sickie for the past week.. doc said she had some sort of hideous bronchial infection. All I know is mom only left the bed out of necessity: potty breaks, feed me and my brothers, etc... other then that she didn't make much of a peep.

While my brothers are oldies and content with sleeping all day, I did my part to care for mom or at least not drive her too crazy! When she didn't fuss while I ate her shoes, I figured she really was sick, so I stopped at one pair.

Mom is feeling much better now and I am so glad. She is the coolest! In her feverish stupors, she even managed to take me to doguroo to hang with my friends a couple of times. On the days I was home, I snuggled up to dear, old mom and slept near her on the bed. She seemed to really like that - and I did too!


  1. Hey Flo....call your mom....tell her to put you on the next flight north....I need your excellent nursing services....love and hugs grammaline

  2. Careful what you wish for grammalike... haha!