Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tonight's Lead Story: Bella Helps With The Laundry

Some may think my laundry strategy is less than helpful... I beg to differ.
I see to it nobody steals dirty bedding on my watch.
Power to the paws!


  1. Bella is so sweetly Lab. Libby takes control of anything that looks soft and inviting. She also backs up and sits down on anyone..who is sitting on the floor. Just like a child. Friends look at her like, "WTH..does she think she's a kid or what?"

  2. HAHA - Libby is the ambassador for sweet, gorgeous labs! Bella - LOVES to walk through people's legs! A friend of Erin's came over and saw Bella rubbed her block-head on the girl's legs. I said, "She would really like to go through your legs. It's totally up to you." The girl looked at me like I was nuts and then obliged the one-eye beast. After that it was GAME ON! She is one silly girl.