Thursday, February 11, 2010

Breaking News: Bella Says She Was Framed!

Help, I’ve been framed!

A theft was committed at my mom’s house and police say I'm the prime suspect. Their case is based solely on circumstantial evidence. And, while photos do place me at the scene of the crime, they do not show me committing a criminal act.

I am posting the photos in hopes of clearing my good name. I just cant go to prison, I'll never make it on the inside. Please help me solve this heinous crime. Any leads, tips and character references can be left under the comments section. No names required. Spread the word and help save me from the Big House. Thank you.


  1. Is there a cat in this house? If so, it was probably the cat. Looks like a frame job to me.

  2. Maybe squirrels were trying to steal them and Bella was merely defending her home ???!?

  3. Looks like an inside job....that could only be committed by a Mr. Pickles ;)

  4. I say you were definitely framed. I'd blame your mom. It's always MY mom that's getting into stuff around here.

  5. What the hey Bella....Have the police interrogated your siblings?.....Oh I know,must be an upstairs job.....I never did trust that T Bone...Go get him Grammaline

  6. I definitly see this as a set up....all the way. And i blame the cat, even though i dont have one Bella, it was the cat, thats your answer for everything, it always works too, trust me.....Cece and Charlotte in Buffalo NY

  7. Hey! Anonymous who blamed Mr yourself. And Grammaline, you can't remain Anonymous and sign your name at the end of your comment. Now I know it's you who has blamed TBone!

    Personally, I believe Bella did it and I don't need proof. She belongs in the big house - pack your bags you squirrely one-eyed beast. I'm also blaming your mother, Rachel, as someone had to be there taking these pictures. She is an accomplice and should be sent down the river too. Muwahahahahaha!

  8. I's either Mr. Perfect Blu....or on's just like her to blame a gorgeous BIG dog.

  9. Guilty ERIN ~ I see your future in an jumpsuit~casually strolling along the highways ~ "picking up incidentals." I'm bailing Bella out and she's escaping to Idaho~where she will get the adoring respect she deserves. Libby would like to add "BFD--a few towels??!! I'd like to add that the renegade Atlanta warriors are gettin' LIBBY FOR A DAY. That ENTIRE towel thing will become a toothpick. Poor framed innocent beautifully sweet and gentle Bella. <3

  10. Please keep the leads and character witness accounts coming! With your help, I know I can beat this bad rap of injustice! Thanks y'all!

    My deepest gratitude to those who've come forward! Here is the current list of possible suspects:

    2 Cats
    1 Squirrel
    1 Pickle (chihuahua)
    1 TBone (chihuahua)
    2 Erin (mom of Pickle/TBone)

  11. THE WITCHES OF FACEBOOKOctober 17, 2010 at 3:11 PM

    Incoming flight from Salem..approaching from the NW at 140 mph. Hold on to your clown hair.